Parallel Profits Review “BACKDOOR ACCESS” & Members Area Overview!

Parallel Profits is one of the latest systems created by two very popular and successful millionaires Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton. This system is a unique business model that is optimized to give you the best of both ends. Whether you’ve long been into the online business or you’re a newbie, this will be one of the best programs for you.

Parallel Profits

With the Parallel Profits model, you’ll require little or no expertise for its implementation and your success is guaranteed in the program. With Parallel profits, you’ll learn one of the fastest ways to make a substantial income from the comfort of your home. The system gives you a lot of room for flexibility and you get to choose your working hours, most importantly you become your own boss.

Potentially you’ll be earning figures much greater than your current salary, and you’ll be glad you enrolled in the program. With the program, you don’t really have to overwork yourself to earn, with as low as 7 “sales” you could be on your way to making over a $100,000 run-rate every single year, sounds so good to be true right? I know, but it isn’t, and that’s because we know the guys bringing the offer to the table. These men have a verifiable and proven track record of helping thousands of students build their online businesses and most of them are earning way more than anticipated just by following the guidelines developed by Steve in the past.

The model is basically about selling services to business and organizations with some huge twists that make this model completely different from what is obtainable. The twists are aimed at removing all roadblocks startups usually encounter, helps in scalability and ultimately would increase your chances of succeeding during your implementation.

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Parallel Profits Review – How It Works?

Online marketing is not only an exploding market today, but it also holds massive potential from a profit perspective. It is estimated that the transaction volume of goods and services sold on the Internet in 2018 would touch the mark of $2.5 Trillion US Dollars. Further, by the year 2021, the transaction volume may rise as high as $ 5 Trillion US Dollars.

This figure sounds really impressive, but ever wondered if you can also benefit in this booming market?


There are many ways in which you can also profit from Internet Business. One of the ways, which is the most common way, is marketing and selling a unique product. And a product with some value in the market can be sold and made a profit from.

However, not all of us have an amazing product to sell in the market. So does this mean we stop venturing into this field?

Even if you don’t have a product, there are always some simple services which can be sold in both, online and offline modes. Let us first see how we could earn plenty from selling simple services to local businesses.

Selling Services To Local Businesses

What is a service? It’s basically anything that helps the business in their growth. We all have something in mind that we can sell, but how to best sell it?
The first thing to understand is that we are not only selling the service, we’re also selling what we’re selling. It is important for the customer to think that our service can help them in ways they couldn’t imagine before, that it can be a game-changer to their business and might as well the only thing they should need in their life.

Following a few questions might help us better sell our service.

Are you offering the right service?

If you’re a civil engineer, and you go to a coffee shop to sell your knowledge, it won’t work out for you.

So, it is extremely important to first understand what you’re selling. It is equally important to understand the business to which you’re offering your service.

The way you offer the service

If you don’t seem confident enough about the service you’re selling, the prospective client might not be sold. You yourself need to have absolute trust that your service will definitely help the customer’s business.

Also, there should be a feverish enthusiasm in the way you which sell your service.

Is your service rightly priced?

If the price of your service is too high, it may not attract many local businesses as all businesses want the best service in economic price.

However, at the same time, if the product is priced too low, the customer may think it’s not worth the time. A right balance has to be maintained.

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Are you projecting the right Image?

Think of Apple. What came to your mind? Premium products with a quality experience.
The same way, you need to project the right image onto the customer’s mind which can compel them to buy what you’re selling.

Now we are aware of how to sell our services to local businesses. But the problem is, all the people out there are already thinking about these points. They are already taking into consideration these points while trying to sell their services.

So, how to get a competitive edge? How do we make sure that we’re a notch above the rest of the competition?, How can we be sure that businesses will buy our service?

This is where a training program, called Parallel Profits comes into the picture.

Parallel Profits Members Area

Parallel Profits Members Area

Parallel Profits Members Area Demo

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The module includes the training materials, the software tools to teach you the business model. You will get to work with the company as a franchise. The web-based tool and the marketing program comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

You will be creating various marketing strategies for different consumer needs. You will learn how to create and implement marketing plans through this training course.

What is Parallel Profits?

Parallel Profit is an online business model similar to the franchise model. It teaches its subscribers about a new, innovative business model. The model is aimed at all those people working from home and trying to make a full-time living that way. By the latest estimates, this model is designed to achieve the targets of providing its subscribers a more than decent income. However, calling the complete process a single training will be an understatement.

This is a comprehensively designed marketing process that ensures participants are well trained in the entire process. For a fee, they are free to work in their locality and are capable enough of earning a full-time income doing this. Additionally, they are assured of sufficient scope of growth if they put their head and hustle. The process is still closely guarded as only the participants are allowed to know the exact materials. However, we can make intelligent assumptions reading the signals. The first signal to read is the work record of course authors. So let’s first see who they are.

Who Started Parallel Profits?, And Why Are They Qualified?

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Two pioneers of online marketing, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, together have already made some brilliant educational courses that are super successful and have made both of them multimillionaires and online gurus. Their most remarkable ventures were 100K Factory and 7 Figure Cycle.

All through the last ten years, they worked as partners and created courses for a huge number of people who all benefited from the programs. Sales and marketing is their forte, and they are especially innovative and brilliant in online marketing strategy coaching. Naturally, when they declare they are planning a new venture related to online marketing support and coaching, those who know sit up and take note.

Knowing Aidan Booth?

Mr. Aidan Booth grew up in a humble rural town in New Zealand. Shifted to Argentina when he met his wife. There, he started looking for online work where it was difficult to find a job because he was living in a country where he couldn’t speak the language. While he was looking for ways to earn via the Internet, he discovered a world of many opportunities, as he said in his blog.

Aidan Booth

Fast forward to 2005, that’s when he started his work in Internet marketing by setting up a site. Though during this time, he admitted that he did the not know what was he was doing. It was actually in 2006 when he started setting up affiliate websites. Then one thing led to another, eCommerce sites, affiliate sites that leveraged Google traffic and a mixture of various paid traffic source. Everything went well until Google changed its algorithm in 2010, 1/3 part of his websites evaporated because of this.

Through the help of Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey on their products, Aidan became a successful affiliate marketer who has an earning of six figures. They have become partners in their business and been helping one another since then. He also created Rank and Pillage in collaboration with Johnson, which was a hit in 2011. He made another Internet marketing course, Authority Hybrid was received far greater success than the first one. His Hybrid includes necessary information for internet marketers. According to Aidan, he considered his business is composed of three pillars – niche Sites & eCommerce Stores, Internet Marketing Training & Coaching Services, and the Small Business Marketing. Aidan is very generous in teaching people the methods he uses for his business.

Knowing Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

Like Mr.Booth, Mr. Steve Clayton is also an Internet marketing veteran. He has been in the business since the mid-2000s. But before he ventured into online marketing, Steve has the corporate background. His previous jobs contributed to who is and what he can do today. He had different roles over the course of 30 years. He took various roles in his previous work at Fujitsu. He was a finance director for service delivery, then became a business assurance director, director for M&A and finally, he was the chief financial officer. He resigned on his job in this corporation to focus more on his newly-attained role as Internet Marketer. But all these years of his experiences in various positions he took in his job, contributed to him in delivering business outcomes and improved financial results until today.

Around the same time he met Aidan, he also was a partner already with Tim Godfrey in making info product materials. The Commission Blueprint, eFormula, Info Prodigy, and the Niche Blueprint – all of these were made by him together with his business partner Tim. What separated their info materials from others was they incorporated their own experiences clearly to the consumers. He also launched his own online marketing business.

How Does ‘Parallel Profits’ Work?

‘Parallel Profits’ offers an amazing opportunity to the participants to work directly with the professionals and experts. You won’t even have to spend time into buying a domain or setting up a website. It will be done for you so that you can focus on the sales.

Parallel Profit Review

Here’s how the business model works:

  • You will get a customer and sell the service to them
  • You will pass the task to Parallel Profits’ group of experts
  • After completing the task, you may submit the finished outcome to the customer

Once you start working, Parallel profits experts provide the products. You won’t have to invest your time and energy into creating a product. All you need to do is just secure the clients and start making sales.

For the sales, you won’t have to meet the clients face-to-face. Parallel Profits will provide you a lead-generation system to take care of the sale process. You will be able to reach a targeted client market directly.

In this way, you will be able to earn more and save more. It is very easy, right? There is no need to spend a lot of time working on the tasks.

Just a reminder, even if you are partnered with Profile Profits, it is still your own business. It will become an asset of yours. The only thing that the business model will do is to assist you and lessen the heavy duties for you.

Parallel Profits Development Process

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton searches for new partners that provide training service and full support. It is unique in the trade market and promises a great future, although it is new digital marketing.

As Aidan Booth was unable to find a suitable job in the area, he looked at online job offers and established his own website in 2005. Steve Clayton has a lot of experience in the digital market. They have taught many students from 2013 until this time. They are now the coaches of the Parallel Profits course. Their past has been an arrow of successful attempts and experts in this field.

They share these experiences through courses with their new partners and want to continue their work as a larger team. Now let us talk about these Parallel Profits courses.

What is a Parallel Profits course?

It is a course where specialist coaches will share their experiences with you. With this course, you learn what the job is, the tricks and how to proceed. Your goal here is to find businesses that just want to advertise.

In a time when the use of the Internet is so widespread, advertisements via websites are becoming a need. Businesses who want to increase their profit margins will achieve their goals when promoted correctly. In this case, the only thing you will do is to find these businesses.

These companies’ website design, web site editing, search engines to appear more often, advertising, etc. The activities will make Parallel Profits on your behalf.

Now let’s talk about the 7 components that you will get when you apply for this course.

The Key Components Of The Parallel Profits


This component will give you detailed information about what the system is and how it involves the process. In addition to training videos, strategy guides, live weekly webinars, there are all kinds of information that will enable you to specialize. This first component will teach you the tricks of earning a lot of money in a short time.

After ‘prep work’ in 48 hours, you can secure your money by making your first high-priced sale. With ‘covert sales training’ you don’t have to talk to customers on the phone. With this first component, you will learn all the hidden secrets of the system.

As we said before, you don’t need experience. You will learn how to proceed step by step with the components you will be given.


The most important point of this work is to find customers. If you do not have a customer, you cannot provide earnings. We all know that this process is difficult. You know the difficulties you have in finding customers in yourself or in people around you. But don’t let that scare you. Because this second component will help you.

As you know from previous initiatives, many mistakes are made from the customer discovery process and these errors are realized over time. You need time to be an expert. But this component teaches you how to find customers in the shortest possible way.

This business model has a lot of experience in finding customers and will send you 5 proven email funnels daily. They also offer a range of Rolodex tools and services to help you transform your business into sales. They place a simple and useful tool on your site that forms the lead form. This tool automatically analyzes your needs and ensures that your leads are your customers.


This tool will help you in finding customers that will list the potential customers. Finds the points for the website owners to be changed or corrected. In this way, you don’t have to call customers. E-mails will be sent to you to provide a high rate of return for your customers. Using these, you can also reach customers with or without websites. What you have to do in this process will already be provided in the necessary materials to be explained to you.


This business model takes his work seriously. It works professionally for that. We provide not an only website but also brochure and business card services for customers. You can also create your own website if you wish. Likewise, they will provide you with all the facilities. This gives your potential customers the signal that they are working with experts in your field. Every customer wants to make sure he works with the right person.


As you know, the cost of having a workplace and meeting your small needs is high when creating your own business. You need a certain capital to subscribe to world-renowned corporate employee companies. The advantage of this business system is that it provides you with all the facilities with low investment. And you’ll probably cover that investment with your first sale.

THE DELIVERY HUB – Done-For-You Service & Delivery Platform

We’ve said it before. No experience. You don’t have to know anything about how the process works. You are not the one who will prepare this process. Parallel Profits experts will do this for you. You will only deliver the customer information and you will send it to your customer at the time of delivery.


If you want to keep the customer active in this process, you can get information about the process and send it to your customer through the ‘delivery engine’. The only 4 things you need to know are the headlines. Website design and development, SEO and Hosting.

THE PRIVATE COMMUNITY – Members-Only Community Support Group

It is important to interact in the process. Once you start selling, you will be part of the Facebook community group. Thanks to this group, updates about new training, upcoming workshop webinars etc. As you need to know an arrow will be able to learn important developments.


You can also contact other members. You can exchange ideas with other members. You can ask the questions you want and ask for help because you need help. Entrepreneurs and their team will be active in the group to help you.

THE SPECIALIST SUPPORT – 24/7 Assistance & Support Network

You will not only receive support through the Facebook group. 2 Facebook communities as well as you will be offered special coach service that will help you anytime, anytime. This will provide you with all kinds of support.

The “100k Factory & 7 Figure Cycle”

These programs are renowned in the online marketing world. The two of them, Aidan and Steve, collaborated in this project together. In 2015 they started 100K Factory wherein they concentrated on helping students to earn money through E-commerce and affiliate marketing. They helped them make their own E-commerce stores and affiliate websites and drive traffic in it.

The program will provide the members with all they need to design their business. The program came in three different versions – 100k Factory Original, 100k Factory Ultra Edition, and 100k Factory Revolution. 

100k Factory & 7 Figure Cycle

With well defined live training sessions, the program will teach the subscribed members about how to use online marketing to earn great incomes. They will further provide various tools and resources that the members would require. Apart from that, constant support and bonus rewards were promised with the package. Let us look into the main break down of the 100k Factory training:

  • Product selection
  • Testing the profitability
  • Demographic engagement
  • Getting started with the shopping cart
  • Generating the Traffic Machine
  • Taking care of the conversion rates
  • Repeat once did.

The program cost $2497 for a one-time payment. While you can pay up the program fees in three installments, the cost rises by $494 with payments of $997 per installment. Other expenses involved with completing the entire setup include:

Charge for web-hosting – $80-$100/year
Charges for e-mail services – $160-$190/year
Costs of marketing and advertisement – $600-$900/month

While 7 Figure Cycle is the upgraded version of the first program. Its difference is it focuses on reaching the earning in seven figures under one year. The way is to follow the cycle this program is teaching, thus the name of this program has the word “Cycle” in it.

The seven steps are the following:

  1. Identify suppliers
  2. Scan their listings
  3.  Pinpoint your winners
  4. List the winners
  5. Prepare your shipment
  6. Send inventory to FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)
  7. Profit and get paid

7 Figure Cycle has been proven to be very effective because it has helped already more than 517 students to earn a whopping US$ 125,000,000 in 2017 alone.

At present time, Aidan and Steven will launch a new training program and software and it has been anticipated by various online marketers already. It is called the Parallel Profits. What is Parallel Profit?

I believe, most likely this program will have some similarities with the previous programs that they launched. What I know is based on the data that I gathered, this is a simple program with three humongous twists that will assure the success of it. First, those who will be part of the training program will be invited to work with them. Second, when they have local clients already, the team of Aidan and Steven will work on it. as they have the expertise on it. Third, Parallel Profit clients are not required to meet with the customers. According to sources, this new program will have its pre-launch on January 23, 2019. Its official launching is on the 29th of January and the cart for this program will close on the 7th of February. It will be costing around $2497, you can avail it in ClickBank as it is one of the most reliable marketplaces.

The systems that Aidan and Steven have been proven working, then there is no doubt that this new one will surely convey good result, not better but the best.

What Do You Need To Participate In The Parallel Profits Business Model

Yourself. That is all that is needed. You do not need to know anything. All you need is the desire to learn, grind and be fearless. The lifetime participation cost is around $2497 with an installment offer to smooth out the rough patch. You need to invest nine days to participate in the model and have sufficient time to work on the model for considerable hours.

Parallel Profits Results

Any work-from-home-person can take this. Especially, people who are not able to travel daily for work and those who are not sufficiently strong to work through the day can take this opportunity to find an alternate full-time income.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Parallel Profits


The course founders have been doing this for the last ten years. If we look at their past, they have empowered and shared their riches with their previous course participants abundantly. There are a huge number of people who will vouch for the authenticity of their previous courses and offer proofs of being a part of the fortune. Even if there is no witness to testify, the plain record of their previous ventures is sufficient to make this authentic.

It also assures us that whatever be the plan, the founders will have enough tricks up their sleeves to make this program a huge success. They work on this only, and a fall from grace and poor result kill their reputation and nearly make them untouchable in the foreseeable future. For their survival and reputation, they will design the best possible model.


The cost. $2500 is not cheap. It is a lot of money even when installment options are included. However, the record shows that previous offers from the duo were similarly priced and they were runaway successes.

Parallel Profits ScamUnderstanding the concept. The business model will be unique. It will involve the internet. So, if you struggle to take in new ideas, think twice before submitting your application. The key to the whole process will be understanding the business model and using it to benefit others as well as yourself. If you do not understand the business model, it is tough to proceed further. And how about the internet? Often, we are scared by the crowd and noise of the internet and shy away. If only you can overcome the shyness, proceed ahead. Without being comfortable with the internet the project does not stand for you at all. It is better to leave it before investing the money. If You Want To Learn How To Make $100k With Affiliate Marketing, Checkout Quit 9 To 5 Academy

Hard work. The hard work may not be in the conventional sense but there will be work to influence people. Build crowd and traffic. Convince the crowd to take action and make money from it. Remember, it is always important to know how to make people part with their money. It takes hard work to learn that. You will need to learn it. This is apart from the additional skills you may have to know. If you do not know the internet, you will need to know it. You will need to figure out how you can manage the finance for the partnership.

What Is Parallel Profits Training?

As stated earlier, small businesses need absolute support when it comes in handling major operations such as updating listings, creating digital content marketing as well as website optimization. These things might not be familiar for some people and the good thing is, you will not need to learn these skills. Therefore, Parallel Profits offers exclusive training that will help explore and learn more about the tasks that you will be doing. These lessons are divided into 7 components which contain all of the information you must know about the business model.

The first one on the list is Master Blueprint. This is the first part that will be set as your base. It is also known as the core step by the step training program. It features several modules which are accompanied by videos, manuals, webinars, and MindMaps. You will be taught how to set and everything and a covert sales training will also be conducted. This will teach you how to communicate online. Managing finances is also included in the first part. If you want to know about the following parts of the training, you can purchase the model on their website.

7 Key Reasons To Secure Your Parallel Profits Membership

  • The profit margins are EXTREMELY high, you have a VERY small group of customers, the competition is extremely low and you can get RAPID results.
  • The business model has true longevity, you’ll get recurring income every month and you’ll be selling a high-quality service to a very hungry market.
  • You’ll only need as little as 7 sales to build a business that makes $100,000 in PROFIT and we’ll show you how to scale it up from $100K… to $300K… and beyond.
  • It is possible to hit HUGE windfalls sales like the $28,000 sale example that we gave – in other words sums that could literally be life-changing.
  • You’re getting all the tools, training and resources you need to run this business including your websites, assets and other custom items that’ll be set up for you.
  • We have a team of people ready to deliver the services for you – meaning it is completely hands-off, and you can simply focus on making more sales and earning more money.

Does This Program Really Work?

After having researched through tons of websites, reviews and background information, I believe that Parallel Profits is probably the best and quickest way there is to give a small business a super-sized boost. Adding to that, the franchise is helping you set up a business in an established niche and a market of customers with strong purchasing power, making it easy to make your first $100,000 from your business with just as many as 7 clients.

Yes, the concept appears to have popped up with a lot of buzzes, and the concept sounds entirely new and different from the usual programs, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering it as a viable option for quick business growth.

Think about the amount of expertise you would gain. Think about the amount of time and money you would save. And think about how sure marketing veterans like Booth and Clayton would have to be about their offering to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Parallel Profits is the first of its kind; a pioneer in online business marketing and mentorship in many ways. You can choose to be an early adopter of something big that is likely to shape the way small businesses flourish, or you can wait until it has become just another norm.

For those of you who want to make 2019 the year to go from struggling to successful, and from newbie to established, Parallel Profits is going to work wonders for your business.

Sounds Great So Far! Where Can I Get This Program?

Money Back Guarantee

If you have read my Parallel Profits Review, and want to sign up for this program, you can do so HERE.

Final Say

You may be apprehensive. You may be in doubt. Look deep inside. But as we have been going through this Parallel Profits review, we have tried to search the reasons to judge it. Even now we are still blinded by the glow of the achievements of its founders. We understand we may not have done enough justice to the review but we have tried. They have earned huge respect and bagful of money. Both for themselves and for tor their partners.

Parallel Profits Bonus

As much we could see, the project looks authentic. This is not a scam. They have already done similar projects in the past and we can rest our trust in them to do it again. But the bigger question we have is; is the program for you? That is more of a million dollar question. Do not get lured by the prospect of earning. Judge yourself and find your inner call.

If you do not understand the internet, you can make the effort to do so. If you do not grasp the concept of this business model in the first attempt, you can make repeated attempt to understand it. Do you feel that kind of determination in you? If so, go for it. It is for you.

This is a highly recommended training program. Of course, never have the authors said that you won’t have to put in a lot of effort. But then again, where else would you see such advantages as these being offered?

So pre-book the course right now and learn to earn huge profits from selling simple services to local businesses. This is sure to be a phenomenal training program to help you launch your services into the Online Business world!

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Any Questions?
If you have any questions about my Parallel Profits Review or need additional information on the program, just get in touch with me HERE and I will be happy to assist you.



Parallel Profits is an amazing training program and software. Unlike other Business models, you DON’T have to invest thousands of dollars in upfront inventory costs. If you already have an online business, it’ll be easy to set up and build out an additional income stream.

Parallel Profits is an amazing training program and software. It has proved its success with its beta launch in 2018. As it claims it helped a lot of people reach their target of making $100k/year. Unlike other business models, you DON’T have to invest thousands of dollars in upfront inventory costs. If you already have an online business, it’ll be easy to set up and build out an additional income stream.

Parallel Profits Discount

The Net retail price for Parallel Profits is $2497.

Is it too costly ??. Compare to the potential income it offers $100k/year this initial cost is only a pinch in your pocket. But we would like to give a happy news to our customers. Nobody will say NO to a discounted price for the same product and service available on different websites. Excited !!  We will give you a special discount of $300 as cashback to your PayPal account OR Your Bitcoin Wallet ($300 worth of bitcoin).

How to qualify for our $300 Discount?

Step 1 – Purchase Parallel Profits through Below Link

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Step 2 – Fill Below Form

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Once you fill the details completely you will receive a response from our team after reviewing it. The cashback amount will be credited to your Paypal account OR your Bitcoin wallet (if you want your discount via Bitcoin) after 60 days ( 60 days is the time period for your refund option with this product).

*In a cause of non-receipt of confirmation mail for the discount request within 3 days or non-receipt of discount amount after refund period of 60 days, please mail us ( ), we will solve it.

Note: Your personal details including email is safe with me and won’t to be sold or used for spamming.


  • You are qualified for the rebate only if you purchase the product by clicking the above link and it is tracked by us.
  • If you ask for a refund for the product then your cashback will be invalid.
  • The Discount will be sent after the refund period (60 days) is over and you have fully paid the course!
  • Please fill the cashback claim form with valid data to qualify for this.
  • This discount is not from the official site so, please don’t contact them regarding the discount matter.

Just get in touch with us HERE and we will be happy to assist you. Protection Status